21 Sept. 2023 Speed-up of loading data of ground weather observations at airports (METAR) over the world. Now the data is available on the website approximately 12 minutes after weather observations at airports. Before this day, the above period was 40 minutes.

10 August 2023 Updating software rp5 servers.
A four-month work on the migration of program codes and databases of rp5 sites to the latest versions of the programming language (PHP 8.2) and database management system (MySQL 8.0) has been successfully completed. The fact is that the latest versions of PHP and MySQL are incompatible with their previous versions and require significant reworking of sites that worked on previous versions. The work done will allow us to further update the software of rp5 servers immediately after the release of new versions of PHP, MySQL and the FreeBSD operating system, with constantly improved security and performance.

Since the latest versions of PHP and MySQL are much faster, users may notice that rp5 pages load much more easily and weather information in rp5 products is updated faster than before. The latter is best seen in the most frequently performed observations: at airports (METAR).

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